Clumsy Monkey's Hall of Fame recognizes users who's outstanding contributions to the board and community are near legendary among those who frequent the site.

Class of 2009

Kruno Bradasevic (BOAT) | Susie Jackson (Soozy) | TTYNKAM (TYPDCAA) IV

Class of 2008 by Rich and Shelley | Melissa Linthicum (xoNoDoubt69) | Cass (Henrietta) | Sandeep Earanky (Dr. Hobo)

Class of 2007

Al (ha!) | Landon (Lando) | Mike Turner | Lori Martins (superrgirll) | Robert Marshall (Axtech)
Nate Dourough (natedourough) | Jim Neilson (neilson_12) | Joshua Day (faninor)
Nicole Edwards (nikki4982) | Johnathan Bruyere (Chanandler Bong/Johnny) | Alex (happening fish)