Curve is the 8th album by Our Lady Peace, scheduled to be release on April 3rd, 2012.

"The theme for this record so far is about change." - Raine Maida

In the spring of 2010, Our Lady Peace toured Canada playing the Clumsy and Spiritual Machines albums in full, and found inspiriation in the process of re-exploring these older albums in depth. Writing and recording continued off and on through the year. Eventually, Raine played a few of the new tracks for a friend, producer Jason Lader. Jason suggested that they should pursue a different direction and write an album full of the type of music that they would listen to and get excited about, unfiltered and without worrying about writing something that fits their expectations for what a new OLP song should sound like.

Raine called a meeting with the rest of the band, who agreed to try this approach. Some of the early efforts were scrapped and in early 2011 the band returned to the studio, this time with Jason sitting in on the sessions as co-producer.

"The concept in the recording and writing of this record: to be more creative, to be less concerned about how this record is going to be heard, and where it's going to be heard, and whether radio will like this record. We're really just setting out to make a record that we want to listen to." - Duncan Coutts

Throughout the recording process, the band hosted webcasts, posted clips to youtube, and provided occasional status updates through twitter. Over the summer, the band left the studio to play a few Canadian festivals and included one new song, "The Wolf" (later reworked and retitled "Fire in the Hen House"), in their sets at most (if not all) of the shows.

In October, the band released a finished track, "Fight the Good Fight," for free download in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. This song was not intended for inclusion on the new album. Instead, the first single for the album was announced to be the track "Heavyweight," which was released to iTunes on December 20th, 2011. A music video has been filmed in Ontario, but is not yet released

December 20th, 2011.


Curve's tracklist has been announced as follows:

  1. Allowance
  2. Fire in the Hen House
  3. Heavyweight
  4. Window Seat
  5. As Fast As You Can
  6. If This Is It
  7. Will Someday Change
  8. Find Our Way
  9. Rabbits
  10. Mettle

These songs were selected from over 20 that the band worked on during recording sessions. Many of the other tracks were posted to youtube in partial clip form, and some titles were known:

  • Moth
  • A Day without the Sun
  • Warnings
  • Tales from a Grocery List
  • Body Into Soul
  • Comes and Goes
  • Fight the Good Fight

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