Curve Sessions

What Our Lady Peace has been working on, and when they've been working on it (to the best of our knowledge). Thanks to twitter and their Trustworthy videographer, fans have been kept in the loop with the latest Our Lady Peace studio updates more than ever before.

August/September 2010

Writing session in Toronto with Jeremy, Duncan, and Steve. A clip with a couple song ideas is posted online: [Writing Sessions 1]

September/October 2010

Full band session writing and recording demos. Jeremy films a fashion show and another song idea is posted: [Writing Sessions 3]


2 drum tracks burnt. OLP #8 is underway. Easter in Juarez! - Jeremy, October 18

Racing in a cab to LAX. Fly to YYZ then an easy drive to Montreal. Cue the circus music. - Jeremy, October 22

recording a very interesting, fresh sounding OLP song today. 4 songs in and this new record's already vying for general. - Raine, October 24, 2010

OLP #8 underway. 4 songs 4 winners. Making music with those 3 guys the best thing I can imagine. Music fucking rules. - Steve, October 26, 2010


Full band demo recording session. Not many details are posted online, just one video of an unidentified song: [Recording Sessions 4]


solo record...OLP record...trying to make both happen this year. does anyone listen to records anymore or should we just be releasing songs? - Raine, January 12

damn, the people have spoken...and promptly! records it it. that made my day. - Raine, January 12

time for a two fisted OLP song! - Raine, February 13

actually working on songs today. "Moth" and "a day without the sun" we're getting close! - Raine, February 14

February 25 - March 9

Writing/demo recording session. The band works on several songs including Like Rabbits We Run and Warnings.


Headin down to LA for more OLP recording. Mahogany Craviotto's await! What will be warmer? The weather? Or the Drum tones? Hardy Har Har! - Jeremy, February 24

OLP begins 2 weeks of writing/recording today. look for pics or snippets of songs on at the end of the session. - Raine, February 25

Couple horny new song ideas for OLP #8 today. Dig it like Bronson in a Cannon film. Real Talk. 2 times right time. - Jeremy, February 27

leaving OLP for 2 days tomorrow to fly to Halifax and speak at the Futureworx convention. OLP sessions=interesting. time to be surprised!!! - Raine, February 28

back to the sun and OLP land in the a.m. continue the writing momentum we have!!! - Raine, March 2

Good hang at Steve's studio today. New stuff is daisy-fresh! - Jeremy, March 3

OLP writing continues to take interesting turns. "challenging" & "meaningful"best describes it. no room for mediocre rock songs here! - Raine, March 6

serious day in the studio for OLP. breaking new ground here! mind bending music...very rewarding - Raine, March 7

lyric day OLP and solo record need words. luckily our messed up beautiful world providing catalyst to write. pen to paper! - Raine, March 10

i'll post a lyric later today. start giving some insight into where these 2 diverging records are headed. stay tuned! could get messy! - Raine, March 10

1st OLP lyric on display "like rabbits we run" - Raine, March 10

in the depths of OLP lyrics today. tragedy of japan swirling about. difficult to concentrate. def theme developing. post smpl this weekend - Raine, March 11

OLP Lyric#2 "fill the car with gasoline,feed your change to the machines,powerless to our routines, close to singularity" - Raine, March 13

April 11-17

Writing session.


OLP deep in the trenches trying to make order out of the chaos that is our reinvention. - Raine, April 11

writing is perilously close to done. cpl more days. time is near. gotta hit the food trucks in Venice. eats and a break from studio. - Raine, April 12

its OLP for the next 2 weeks!!!! - Raine, April 12

April 18 - 23

Our Lady Peace begins recording for the album with producer Jason Lader. 3 songs are recorded


Tales from a Grocery List
Like Rabbits We Run
[8#1] [8#2] [8#3] [Acoustics]
The Wolf
[8#5] [The Board] [Live Room] [At The Console] [Looking In] [the Shaker] [Bassline] [Different] [Toys (Official)] [Knobs&Pedals] [High Hats] [A Ruckus]
Unidentified song #1
[The Tone]
Unidentified song #2
[Tiny Mics]


Drums and to drum today. Might drum over and drum again later to drum! - Jeremy, April 17

officially getting drum/gtr/bass sounds to begin recording the OLP record. songs are written/arranged. should go quick!!! - Raine, April 17

working with good friend of mine, Jason lader. julian casablancas,noah &the whale, jenny lewis. gonna surprise some folks with this one! - Raine, April 17

OLP record has begun...cutting 1st track "tales from a grocery list" Our trusted video/photographer should arrive midweek to film and post - Raine, April 18

chrs on "Tale from a grocery list' is entirely falsetto. - Raine, April 19

Day two in Studio. on the verge of moving on to 2nd song. RIP modern rock! - Raine, April 19

cutting 2nd song now. "like ???? we run" heavy, driving Pink Floyd esq track. huge ol school drum sounds. - Raine, April 19

all around this 2nd track. trying to make the verse as rhythmically unique as possible. no time time for the mundane. challenge is the werd! - Raine, April 19

2 tracks burnt on OLP #8. Jim Gordon juiced. - Jeremy, April 20

recording a little piano on Rabbits then moving on to 3rd track.. Jason Lader is co-producing. S*%t is sounding different for sure! - Raine, April 20 officially has clips uploading every day. cutting song 3 right now! clip from "The Rabbit" up now. enjoy - Raine, April 20

song 3 is a bastard. pushing the OLP envelope like never before. we have it by the neck though. so close! - Raine, April 21

Just got out of the trees on song #3. Sometimes Father Time likes to whip your ass with a switch. #DrumsAreStillHardAsFuck - Jeremy, April 21

Drums in yer face like a big beard! - Jeremy, April 22

finishing touches on track 3. getting a DFA1979 vibe from this track. beginning to find out things about us that we never knew! - Raine, April 22

song were working on today circles concept of fwd movement..fingers crossed Canadians agree our country needs this as well - Raine, April 22

recording today and then taking a few days off. resuming the record next week. song 3 was a real B&%ch but we've managed to wrestle it down - Raine, April 23

lights off @ the studio for a few days. closing in on halfway mark. g 'night sweet OLP record. - Raine, April 24

thinking about making individual instrument tracks to our new songs available to you to create your own versions of these songs. Interested? - Raine, April 25

sounds like everyone's into this idea. we will figure out exactly how to go about this and post tracks asap. - Raine, April 25

most adventurous epic our lady peace ever. RIP modern Rock! - Raine, April 25

Album shaping up to be most courageous and Epic OLP record to date! - Raine, April 25

April 29 - May 5

2nd recording session; 2 more songs are finished.


Body Into Soul
[Chords] [A Live Room Afternoon] [Jam Session] [Double Bass] [Studio Monitor] [Tails] [Crickets] [Drums] [Late Night Piano]
[One More Time]
The Wolf
[A Conversation] [Dave Stieb] [Late Night Vocals] [Another One More] [Tracking Bass] [Drum Patterns]
Unidentified song #3
[TwentyTimes] [Hang Your Hat]
If This Is It
[An Accident]
Unidentified song #4 ("Crashing Down") ???
[That Groove]
Studio comic relief


lyrics today/tonite/tomorrow, back at it with band friday.hopefully sing some tomorrow. - Raine, April 27

studio door open!!! OLP session begins @4pm. can finally concentrate now that the royal nuptials are over. c'mon! 2 BILLION,really????? - Raine, April 29

big day!!! tracking OLP song#4 & GSP fight! some wisdom from a true master " Obey the principles without being bound by them" Bruce Lee - Raine, April 30

Happy Birthday Willie! Great way to start an LA recording session. - Jeremy, April 30

#4 song is burnt! #JimmyG #OLP8 - Jeremy, April 30

tracking song#5 today! trusty has been posting a sundry of small clips from the sessions @ - Raine, May 2

Burned track 5 after reworking a couple others. Record is takin shape. #KeepItSnappyButFreshLikeWaldorfLettuce - Jeremy, May 3

tracking again. trusty uploaded 3 new clips today. writing lyrics for "the wolf" at the moment(working title.song3) steve recording acoustic - Raine, May 3

re-cutting song#3 (working title "the wolf") - Raine, May 4

cutting "the wolf" challenging the OLP a good way - Raine, May 4

trying to figure out a demo i had recorded last fall and see if it makes sense.... - Raine, May 5

working on a new song...figuring out arrangement - Raine, May 5

May 18 - June 2

Third recording session. The band completes at least 2 more songs, and records The Wolf for a third time.


Body Into Soul
[Sticks or no sticks?]
If This Is It
[Tweaking Some Sounds] [If This Is It?]
Unidentified song #4 ("Crashing Down")
[Live Stream Tonight @ 7PM] [A Listen Back]
The Wolf
[Make It Louder] [A Wolf At The Door]
Tales from a Grocery List
(no clips posted at this time)
Studio comic relief
[Make It Cool]


trying to finish some OLP lyrics. - Raine, May 9

unsure of album release date.7 straight days of live instudio streaming last week of MAY. we'll have sound/video dialed in for then. - Raine, May 9

"its shangri la in reverse, Time to call the wet nurse" Lyric from "wolf" - Raine, May 11

today is Shangri La in reverse. lyric writing can sometimes be a drag! today is a drag! need some inspiration...anybody? - Raine, May 11

loving these suggestions! was reading Hitchens this morning. maybe he got me in this funk. sad story! - Raine, May 11

gearing up for OLP to begin again. work starts wed. live feeds begin MAy 25th. - Raine, May 16

steve and i worked on a song titled "body into soul" combination of raw rock n roll gtr riff with beautiful chiming guitars. lots of chords - Raine, May 18

lyric from Body into Soul.."taking notes on what i see, a celestial democracy, rocket to the great unknown, searching for that big plateau" - Raine, May 19

unrelated but.. cutting an OLP song titled"if this is it." but..if this is it, MASSIVE thank you to all our supporters.You've humbled us - Raine, May 20

close to cutting"IF THIS IS IT" reminiscent of "are you sad"&"4am" but different level musically. gonna sleep on it. fine tune tomorrow - Raine, May 22

what a day. we should be recording to Tape. Mac blew up !!! just back from Apple store. wallet a little lighter, mood a little dimmer. - Raine, May 23

recording rig up and running. buying the new MAc Tower yesterday saw the new ipodNAno which you cant wear as a watch.Can Apple do no wrong? - Raine, May 24

can this be real??? recutting "wolf" for the third time. tensions high last night in the studio. - Raine, May 28

finishing up "the Wolf". 3rd times a charm!!! moving on to "if this is it" - Raine, May 28

7 songs into the record. looking at release once we have 10 that we can call our own! - Raine, May 29

Day of from studio yesterday, back at it today! - Raine, June 1

an abundance of falsetto so far! and yes... trying to leave mystery in the lyrics - Raine, June 1

Ha! there are def some high energy songs on this record. honest engine! - Raine, June 1

crazy day yesterday. OLP officially wrapped for a hot minute played a late night solo show and now need to finish up some lyrics. stay tuned - Raine, June 3

June 27 - 30

Recording continues. The band completes at least 2 more songs, and records The Wolf for a third time.


Unidentified song #4 ("Crashing Down")
[Working It Out]
Window Seat
(no clips posted at this time)
If This Is It
[Something Like That]


early hours ...but voice is feeling good. singing "if this is it" LLLoving this song!!! cant wait to play it live. solo is ridiculous!!!! - Raine, June 16

OLP back in session! just went through all the idea's we have so far.some really interesting idea's. true OLP fans will not be disappointed - Raine, June 27

cryptic,naveed,adventurous...its all in there so far! - Raine, June 27

tracking "window seat" today. very different song for us. uptempo driving acoustic.distorted bass track. haunting melodies. - Raine, June 28

" one by one we fall asleep like passengers in window seats" - Raine, June 28

Back in the studio. Lots of gigs since Phil Collins retired. - Jeremy, June 29

putting the finishing touches on "Window Seat." Def favorite on new record so far! - Raine, June 30

beauty of music. completely subjective! i will go so far as to say the new record is our strongest most compelling work to date. - Raine, July 4

Found Transcendent Man very interesting!!! Once again RayK has inspired quite of bit of the new OLP record so far. - Raine, July 19

The energy on the new record is real! Sophisticated but raw. As far as lyrical content goes this record is more cryptic. Less obvious. Leave it open for interpretation. "Wolf" is absolutely political! - Raine? July

We are just getting to the point where Raine's lyrics are taking shape thematically. This will dictate the direction for the album cover artwork - Duncan July


Recording resumes after a break in July to play a few shows.


Unidentified song #5 ("I Hear You Calling)
[I Hear You Calling]
Like Rabbits We Run
(no clip posted at this time)


In tribute to Kerouac's "Dharma Bums"--Port Wine and Hershey's Bar in the studio tonight. My first time trying Port. Here goes.... - Steve, August 1

I don't think that Port Wine is for me. Kerouac must have had some taste buds that I don't that embraced it. The Hershey's worked though. - Steve, August 2nd

I still love my drums - Jeremy, August 17

steve and i working on some olp parts. tough day to be inspired. surrounded by death this week it seems. - Raine, August 22

September 7 - September 26ish

The last session -- or is it?


Comes and Goes
(no clips posted at this time)
Unidentified song #6
[Album #8 Sessions]
Find Our Way
[Working it up]
Unidentified song #7
[Studio Days] [Tracking Guitars]


last OLP recording session for nu record begins in 166 hours! 4or 5 new songs and we hope to be done! stay tuned for studio footage. - Raine, September 1

a melody was channeled through me the other day while working on an OLP song. one of the most beautiful ever!!! gives me chills - Raine, September 5

trouble is putting a lyric to it. and so my day begins..... - Raine, September 5

fixing an old compressor...means prep for OLP recording which begins tomorrow. Viper show sunday. new material preview! - Raine, September 6

Writin with my homies in LA. #OLP8 - Jeremy, September 7

deep in it with OLP. the depths of arranging, searching,probing. wont settle. got's to be great! - Raine, September 9

You start with the block of wood. Shape it into a rhino and then after scrutinizing you see that it's a hummingbird. That's what OLP up to. - Steve, September 10

4 idea's perilously close to being ready for recording. finishing touches tomorrow and a set @ The Viper around 9:00. in an LA stateofmind - Raine, September 10

Drum tracks!!! - Jeremy, September 13

Horny track burnt last night! #DrumsSoundGrrrrrrrrrreat! - Jeremy, September 14

first new OLP song for this session is done! most aggressive ,energetic track we ever recorded! "Comes and Goes" - Raine, September 14

have our trusty cinematographer recording the sessions. snippets to follow on the new - Raine, September 14

Coutts at the helm! #AnythingCouldHappen #MadCouttsLove - Jeremy, September 15

id love to play some words with friends but the only words i'm concocting these days are for OLP songs. that said. fave word= AARRGHH - Raine, September 20

gettin close. if the next few days go well...first song release in Nov??? no promises though. - Raine, September 21

The 4 beds we tracked this week make me want to play drums all night. #OLP8 #TimeConnect #HalBlaineInMyHeart - Jeremy, September 23

I played drums til dawn. Then had a dream about a huge beat. A beat big enough to get the universe realigned and shake out all the dusters. - Jeremy, September 26


Recording continues, and the first single may have been found.


Tales from a Grocery List
(no clips posted at this time)
Fight the Good Fight
[Fight The Good Fight]
(no clips posted at this time)


singing an OLP song today...working title is" Tales from a grocery list" - Raine, October 10

its def inspired a cpl songs!!! more to follow on that! Fight The Good Fight, OWS - Raine, October 15

some new OLP is soooo.... close to coming out. - Raine, October 19

new OLP to hit net SOON. minutes away! dedicated to anyone who's fighting for something.#OWS,Cancer,Dignity,Human Rights, #fighthegoodight! - Raine, October 21

too much falsetto on the new record. - Raine, October 21

working on what could potentially be OLP's first single tonight. Heavy Fuzz gtrs with steve. more falsetto than you can shake a stick at. - Raine, October 24


It's beginning to sound like things are very near to wrapping up in the studio. A new launches with a short clip of the first single "Heavyweight."


(no clips posted at this time)
As Fast As You Can
(no clips posted at this time)
Find Our Way
[Studio Life 2]


Bout to board my flight to LA. Peter North is front of me in the line. If he is in first class, I'm quitting music. - Jeremy, November 13

Gettin at it here in LA. #OLP8 #CloseLikeBuddyRichAndTime - Jeremy, November 15

Coming along quite nicely. Coutts is doing bass right now on Weightless. #OLP8 - Jeremy, November 15

Fnl touches on 1st OLP single happening now!!! Very happy!!!! Our friend Andrew Schepps mixing it tomorrow. - Raine, November 16

Hoping to release nu song next week. Taking it to the next level with this song /record - Raine, November 16

" the kids are building fires by their homes, the smoke is sending signals out in code" lyric from 1st sing - Raine, November 17

Recorded a #Horny Drum track last night. This groove is bound for fun and disease. The good with the bad folks. #OLP8 #JimmyGRollIn2ndVerse - Jeremy, November 18

just heard mix of New OLP single. A few tweaks still but= a triumphant return for us...if U like uptempo fuzz rocklick ,falsetto &big chrs - Raine, November 18

New OLP track almost ready for eatin! - Jeremy, November 18

just had our friend Charlie record a cool violin line on the nu Song. add that to the mix and very close to being done! - Raine, November 18

This place is a mess. Food, chocolate, microphones, guitars, dog hair, headphones, picks--gross. Or maybe just wrapping up an OLP record. - Steve, November 19

we are busy recording!!!! - Jeremy, November 21

First OLP song for nu record is Complete & ready for everyone's ears!!! "HEAVYWEIGHT" coming at ya soon. - Raine, November 21

ahhhh...NEw Site and song up @ thx for yo patience!! - Raine, November 25

im in the studio singing a new OLP song called As Fast As You Can.... - Raine, November 27


Despite the first single announced and coming out soon, it appears the band is still at work developing brand new songs!


Unidentified song #8
(no clips posted at this time)
Window Seat
(no clips posted at this time)
Find Our Way
(no clips posted at this time)
[A or B?]


Working on a very different vibe/piece for OLP. Jazzy, spacey, a bit sad. Just guitars and a bass. Hopefully it'll find it's way to OLP#8 - Steve, December 4

Doing guitars on an OLP song called "Window Seat". Different for us. Chords move in an angular way. Time signatures shift. Dark colors. - Steve, December 7

some crazy concepts for vid to Heavyweight being thrown around!!! time to make a great video and nice to have 100% control on this! - Raine, December 7

BTW- Heavyweight officially out on DEC 20th!!!!! - Raine, December 7

OurladyPeace free Dwnld FightTheGoodFight @ song will also appear on #OccupyWallSt Record - Raine, December 7

Heading down next week to Polish off #OLP8 in LA. Then rehearsals 4 OLP New Years gig w @TheSheepdogs +Practicing for my Jan drum clinics. - Jeremy, December 9

I used to play 5b sticks. Now I play 7a's! Wee stix. I play the Elvin Jones Oak ProMarks. They are dense and dope. They make me fight. - Jeremy, December 9

Trying to record my harmony voc on beautiful new OLP song "Find Our Way" but someone has parked their chopper over my studio 4 the last2Hrs. - Steve, December 9

Playing some brand new #OLP8 tunes to my parents today. My Dad always gives me the straight dope. He cursed a couple times on the last few. - Jeremy, December 11

Pissed Scotsman! To Quote, "What is this tripe?" when he heard a certain sweeter than most number in the past. - Jeremy, December 11

last few records! Haha. He's classic. I'll find out this aft. I'm not worried. I'm stoked. - Jeremy, December 11

Because I'm in LA finishing #OLP8 next week, Its time to hit the road to an early Taggart family Christmas. #BlessedInsanityEverywhere!! - Jeremy, December 11

Before April!!! - Jeremy, December 11

Dad loves the hunk of #OLP8 tunes with grand comments. Either he's softening, or we are making a really good record. #SuccessForMe - Jeremy, December 11

What do you want for Christmas? And u can't say a new OLP record or World Peace. Both of those will come in 2012. - Jeremy, December 12

1week til new OLP song heavyweight hits!!!! - Raine, December 13

I use a click a lot in studio. 90% live, 0%. - Jeremy, December 13

I'm slow today. I meant live 0% of the time. Studio 90%. #ClickTracks - Jeremy, December 13

OLP begins final session for Record#8 tomorrow. last 2 songs being cut. taken some cajones to make this record. excited for every1 to hear - Raine, December 13

Packin for the plane to LA. Going to finish the #OLP8 tracks. - Jeremy, December 14

Workin away here in the studio. Holiday cheer in these final recordings. #OLP8 - Jeremy, December 15

@SteveMazur Has had some tip top ideas on #OLP8, but this last one really takes the cake factory. Dark chords like a 68 hour jaunt in a car. - Jeremy, December 15

I am being and been, and I'll be again. And there is nothing I can do about it. I am water, so I will act like it. Before is after. - Jeremy, December 16

Tracking down a kick drum from my Homies! Saved by Matt Chamberlain. He's as dope a Cat as a Drummer. Thank You! - Jeremy, December 16

last OLP song "Allowance" being worked out last night. hear/see a song in its infancy. check it in VIDEO section! - Raine, December 16

Building a drum track Jeff Lynne-styles. Piece by piece. Makes me feel small when tracking it, but it sounds sooooo big and dope! #OLP8 - Jeremy, December 17


Despite the first single announced and coming out soon, it appears the band is still at work developing brand new songs!


(no clips posted at this time)


singing last OLP song titled "Allowance" Not sure how we ended up here. TVonTheRadio/Springsteen influences...subtle but there. - Raine, January 13

Last lyric for new record being written today. Smpl" thoughts heavy like aeroplanes , come crashing down and burst into flames " - Raine, January 14