Duncan Coutts

Duncan Coutts

Duncan Coutts

  • Born: February 4, 1969

Current Member

Duncan Coutts is the current bass player of Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace.

Robert Duncan M. Coutts was born an only child in St. Catharines, Ontario on February 4, 1969. He joined Our Lady Peace on September 23, 1995, replacing Chris Eacrett after Naveed, the band's first album, was produced.

Before joining Our Lady Peace, he studied film at Toronto's Ryerson University, graduating from The University of Western Ontario in 1993. This resulted in him not immediately joining Our Lady Peace, but waiting until after their debut album, Naveed. Nevertheless, he appears as an extra in the music video for the single, "Starseed", and was present in the studio during the recording of the album.

Among his jobs before joining the band were taxi driving in Whistler B.C., and set dresser for the TV show Due South. Along with bass, he can play keyboards, cello, and sing back up.

Coutts was married to his long time girlfriend in October 2000. He became a father when his wife gave birth to twin girls in August 2003.