Raine Maida


The sampled speech at the beginning is Howard Zinn, "Speech against the Vietnam War on Boston Common" given on May 5, 1971.


People are troubled by civil disobedience. As soon as you talk about committing civil disobedience they get a little upset. But that's exactly the purpose of civil disobedience. To upset people.

I'm on a road
On a plane
On a satellite lost in space
I know this ends
I got hope
I got faith
Tell me help is on the way
I know this ends
Everything ends

If I send out an S.O.S.
Oh, will you be there?
Are you my friend?
Or am I defenseless?

I'm on the ropes
In the cage
In the desert on a horse with no name
I hope this ends
I've been robbed
I've been framed
I know I got debts to pay
I hope this ends
Everything ends

Take my hand off the trigger
Put my heart on my chest
Take my hand off the trigger
Get me out of this mess

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