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We All Get...done!

Raine announced on Twitter this morning that everything for his sophomore release "We All Get Lighter" is complete. The album has been mastered, and the artwork is complete. No word yet on a release date, or if there will be a physical disc, or digital release only.

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2012-xx-xx: Curve: The Urban Grind

In April, Josh and I realized that we had the right timing, and money, to once again head to the Pacific Northwest and team up on a special video project. In 2006, we stealth recorded 3 shows, and did stealth video at one of the 2 Vancouver shows, on the opening 3 dates of the Paranoid Times tour. The had opportunity, and we wanted another shot at making something awesome. This time, with several thousand dollars of gear, we set out, with permission, to do some more A/V, and photography at The Commodore Ballroom, in Vancouver, and The Crocodile Cafe, In Seattle. Our original intent was to film 2 shows completely, and have them ready for the holidays. Unfortunately The Commodore is a Live Nation owned venue, and due to the agreements we had to sign, we are unable to post the video of the entire concert. So then we decided to just release the full Seattle show. However, due to a hard drive that was stuck in Canada, and Josh becoming a father (woot!), we decided to do something similar to the past few years. A compilation highlighting the live performances of Curve, and some of the rarities and special performances of the Urban Grind Tour. We enlisted the help of Trusty, who graciously loaned us video from Vancouver and Seattle, as well as gaining help from Bree, Lindsay, Jonathon, Tom, and our old friend Jeni. There are 2 songs that are not available yet in part 2, Blister, and Not Enough. Tom unfortunately had a laptop failure, so as soon as we can recover those files and audio, we'll add them to the playlist and provide the links. With that said, we present you a project that was assembled over the last 6 weeks, in between jobs, new babies, toddlers, wives, and sleep. We feel it captures some of the true essence of the Urban Grind Tour, and some of the special moments we witnessed. Enjoy!


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