Raine Maida

Yellow Brick Road


I remember the days when we talked for hours
We were young, we thought we had super powers
We kissed the sky, expanding our minds, thought we could fly
We were dreamers and we'd never die
We were young punks but we showed potential
It was us against the world
We weren't sentimental
We weren't our problems, our age, or our paychecks
And we weren't taking anybody's shit

If I knew now what I knew then I'd
Back up, do it all again, I'd take a bow, take it real slow
Take a ride down that yellow brick road

C'mon c'mon wise up

The winters were cold but we had your parents' basement
This underground was for sinners and we embraced it
Magic pills, fairy tales, Sid Barrett's ghost
Oh we all got on that spaceship
We measured our lives in coffee spoons
And those Friday nights quickly turned into Sunday afternoons
We weren't our money, our muscles, or our regrets
We were having a near life experience

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