Raine Maida

Victim of a Small Town


Stained walls
Shotguns and cheap beer
I'm in the cocaine capitol
Of the United States of fear
I went to see a poet
A young man from Devine
He was amazing for a moment
But every moment has its time
He was only 18, divorced, and had a son
He reminded me of Johnny Cash
And not the movie, the real one
The odds were stacked against him
But his dreams would not let go
He wasn't asking to be president
Just wanted to hear his song on the radio

Sinners all around me
Knocking on my door
Don't know how they found me
But they're trying to take control
Jump inside my body
He's digging me a hole
I'm waiting for you Gabriel
Come and save my soul

I brought down some equipment
A guitar and a microphone
And we spent three days in seclusion
Scouring the depth of his young soul
The kid sang like an angel
But the devil soon took hold
Population 4,000
Well everybody knows
And he used this darkness
To inspire and create
Until evil got ahold of him
And guaranteed no escape
I guess I saw this happen right before my very eyes
Another victim of a small town
And those boring Friday nights

Oh no John, you've gone over your head
The sun's gonna shine again

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