Raine Maida

The Snake and the Crown


Today I got to thinking the world's in a strange way
Feels like I'm in a 7-11 when a robbery takes place
Do I hide behind the counter
With my hands covering my face?
Or do I dive for the gunman before he makes his break
Does a 45 go off, do the bullets ricochet
This is not some random nightmare
See for me this is everyday

I've been waiting for this train to come round
I've been waiting for the deal to go down
I've been looking for the things not found
They're so far, so far away
I'm just doing my best today

Cigarettes and alcohol and a few minutes to pray
But it don't do what it used to so we'll have hell to pay
A penny for your thoughts
A penny for my clich├ęs

I try to get some distance
I try to escape
But this nightmare's so persistent in a Shakespeare kinda way
Be not afraid?
Fuck that be very afraid

I said who sold you out? We did
Who let you down? We did
Who put on this crown? We did
You and me did

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