Raine Maida

The Less I Know


Caught between the stars and underground
I'm climbing up just to get back down
My lips are moving but make no sound
Don't leave me here this way

Oh God, what did I do? I had nine lives now I only got two
Tried to call, couldn't get through
I wrote a letter, did it get to you?
It said "Dear God, life ain't kind
People living, people dying
I'm putting all my money on hope
The more I learn, the less I know"

Let it go
(You have the most amazing face)

Oh no, how do you breathe?
How do you love and is he a she?
I got one hand taking the fifth
One hand making a fist and
Oh God, what do I do
I said, "Oh God, I'm talking to you"
The past, the future
The future, the past
You think you're looking forward
But you're really looking back

This is all the punches that we take
This is making love and sleeping late
This is all the money that we make
That we save for that holiday
This is standing up not backing down
And this is all the tears of a clown
And this is all the gold that was sold at the end of the rainbow

These old ladies screaming
Filthy liberty lady
And pieces on Iraq to American Airlines
Four thousand back to stateside
All's coffin quiet in the cargo hold
And the in-flight movie is silence
Full to capacity
Sadly the only frequent flier's a pilot
Paris in jail on Nightline
But still no body bags on primetime
Stuff words in our mouth if you want
But we know who helped to build this place
(You have the most amazing face)
We love all freedom too
That's why we march
Why we stay
New York City to San Jose
Troops home now
Troops home safe
Time for the crime to the king and his crown
Grant him a pardon
Let him right out
Time for the crime to the king and his crown
Grant him a pardon
Send in the clowns

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