Raine Maida

Sex, Love, and Honey


Fighter planes running 'round my head
I gotta go
Sex, love, honey that I taste
Honey makes we wait
Honey says she's late
Love heart hanging by a thread
I gotta save it
Jack and Jill left the golden state
There's nothing left to say

But I don't feel like I felt before, it's not happening now
My mother is at my door, it's not happening
Now that you're leaving I love you like never before
This is not happening now, can't be happening now

Love, hope heroes that can save
You gotta know
Laugh, hurt feelings, misbehave
Feeling like a wave
You gotta brave it
Up, down give me all the blame
I'll take all the blame
I'm gonna take it
I'm begging but you won't let me explain
I've one foot in the grave, one foot in this grave

When you feel like you're alone inside
And when you beg but she won't take you there
And you can't find any wrong from right
One solution is you don't let yourself ever care

This is when
She runs to the mountain
She runs to the tide
We got Chinatown lit up like the fourth of July
With the doctors on call
Don't forget Mother's day
This nurse is a wreck
We all start to fade away

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