Raine Maida

Bury Me With a Gun


All my life I've been waiting for the day
Looking for angels in the cheap motel
Losers and winners, there's the saints and the sinners
And Jesus working for the CIA

Who got the money, man?
Who got the upper hand?
Who got the keys to the Chevrolet?
All my life I've been waiting for the day and it's talk, talk, talk...

When the stars start falling from the sky
When my time has come I won't ask why
I've been a good man but if I'm wrong
Bury me with a gun

All this while I've been looking for a sign
Changing the planet and the radio waves
Ones and zeros and comic book heroes
And the secret code to the pearly gates

I got my head checked
I got no regrets
Did my confession in the grocery line

Can't ignore this fate, yeah I know
Like a holiday, yes I know

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