Our Lady Peace

Where Are You?

I think it's great that we can play it at the show [Live 8] because it reflects upon the world. There's a lot of questioning (in the song) of what people can do and why they aren't doing it. But then you start realizing you can do it -- you can end world poverty. It all has something to do with finding something and hoping you can make it your best.- Jeremy Taggart, Canoe, 2 Jul. 2005

That song had a bunch of different choruses. After I got back from Darfur, I felt the chorus needed to be changed. I tweaked the melody, the lyrics and the bridge. It took a while and actually delayed the album a little bit. It was an important song for us. To me, it really sums up the record in grand statements like, “Did Punk Rock get it right? Is there no future in sight?” Those types of things are really what this record’s asking. “Where Are You” just personalizes “what are we in search of?” Is it religion, is it just trying to get along on this planet? Does karma play into everything? It’s all those grandiose things — trying to find a voice; someone that’s a problem-solver.- Raine Maida, FMQB, 19 Aug. 2005


Q: I've heard Raine mention that OLP would probably never play 'Where Are You' again. Was this an example of a song compromised during the HIPT sessions? The song seems to have a deep message which is why I'm surprised to hear it met with such disdain.

A: "Where are you" was a band grasping at straws at the end of recording 40+ songs for HIPT. Not our best work! Shit happens!

~Raine (via formspring)


Hey you, have you felt like this before?
You've got style but ain't got soul
Are you happy now, are you happy?
Tonight, did punk rock get it right?
Is there no future in sight?
Is it different now, is it different?

Come on, come on, come on, come on
Where are you? Where are you?
I'm kicking and screaming
You're not listening
Where are you? Where are you?
Everything I believed in has lied to me
This could be the best day of my life

Hey you, have you got everything you want
Or do you want more than you've got?
Is it different now, is it different?
Tonight, did Jesus get it right
Or is the devil behind the light?
Are you happy now, are you happy?

Sons and daughters, mothers and fathers
Everyone's waiting for our luck to change

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