Our Lady Peace


Abandoned track from recording sessions for Healthy in Paranoid Times. Jeremy played part of a demo version on 99.3 The Fox in Vancouver, BC.


You want a revolution, you want blood
You want to be rich, you want to die young
You twist and you turn, you itch and you burn
You're like a vampire in the sun
You want a new solution, you want love
You want to be God but God is a gun
He's shiny and clean and makes you believe
What are we really looking for?

If you want blood
Can you bring me back to life?

Don't waste tomorrow
Won't sing the sorrow
Just leave it all behind
Won't let them swallow you up
Or change your mind

You want to be the one they talk about
You want to be good and make daddy proud
You bleed when you're cut but you never give up
What are we really running from?
You want to know the truth in what you doubt
You want to get high, you want to get out
You stop and you think, you smoke and you drink
Has the battle just begun?

Can you feel the love?
It's lying down
It's waiting and it's hiding there
It's dying there
You feel all the power but you're powerless
It's real, this is not a test
It's not a test

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