Our Lady Peace

Under Zenith

It's unrelenting but it's perspective. Being on the road is probably not the best place to read books about the blackest of depression and that sort of thing. But on our first record, there's a song called Under Zenith and that's what it's about. It's about being around someone who is depressed and knowing that you can keep an eye on them, but you can't make them not depressed. You can be around when they come out of their depression. At that point you understand how good your life is. Happiness isn't of that great a value without being unhappy to compare it to.- Mike Turner, Edmonton Sun, 7 Feb. 2000

That was one of those songs where as a band, even without lyrics, we all really felt one of those moments where, OK, this is what we want to be. As a band. It had an incredible vibe, even without the melody finished, just working it up in pre-production in our space in Mississauga, it was just so cool. It just felt like, OK, this is different from anything that we’re listening to or hearing. Lyrically I remember — it’s weird. There’s an abstract story in there, but even the words ‘under zenith,’ it was OK, this song is getting us to a place where we wanna go. We’re working our way up to that top, that zenith.- Raine Maida, CBC, 21 Mar. 2014


Maybe they'll come back again, maybe they've all gone
One day you'll find me sending this message strong
Under your feet the city falls down so far the ground is sky
We're under zenith again, it's healthy if not for long

Leave a little room for us to breathe

Much more than seven days and you've slipped too deep
Much stronger than sympathy, let your best friend pull back that
Sitting by a frozen man, someone somewhere has to cry
We're under zenith again, let the cycle run, we
won't die

Leave a little room for us to breathe, I love how you let me fall
Under but not too far
I love how you let me fall
Only now I see where we are
Hold me

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