Our Lady Peace

The Wonderful Future

That song's about building the perfect human - this cyber-human - and realizing that you can't really compete.- Raine Maida, What Magazine, Feb. 2001


Brief References

She builds her own satellite
From an old rusted chair
She leaves this old world behind
And the things that she cares

Maybe she's gone, but it won't be for long
What do I know?
Maybe she's found what we all dream about
What do I know?

She's beautiful and
I can't compare
It's just not that fair

She builds a strong alibi
From the future that's here
She needs to know I'm alive
But I'm flesh and I tear

Maybe she's wrong but I wouldn't mind my own
What do I know?
I'm best to let go with a touch of her soul
What do I know?

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