Our Lady Peace

The End Is Where We Begin

This song has significance for Burn Burn on a few levels. It was the last song recorded, putting to rest our 7th studio album. It speaks about life as a constant journey, a trip that is not defined by endings but more by beginnings. Burn Burn is a new beginning for OLP. A return to basics. 4 guys making music in a room, trusting their instincts, each other, and recording a truly inspired collection of songs on our own. With the completion of The End Is Where We Begin we have begun life on the road.- Raine Maida

That song - I don't know if we've ever had anything as optimistic. Being able to kind of have the perspective and the objectivity and foresight to look at a situation that is really dour and dark, and flip it and say - OK, it's the typical cliche - one door closes and another opens. It's true. Life is definitely like that.- Raine Maida, Canadian Press, 21 Jul. 2009

I think that there’s a lot of that kind of thinking [a sense of freedom] on this record. There’s a song called “The End Is Where We Begin” – there’s another parallel for that. The last record we made [2005’s “Healthy In Paranoid Times”] compared to this one. It definitely feels like it’s kind of a new beginning for the band. - Raine Maida, Rebel Yell, 19 Oct. 2009


Alone in a crowd
A missing planet
You crash to the ground
You never planned it, it just happened this way
The stars in your eyes
If you believe in death you're certain to die
If you believe in love you're always alive

Here I am waiting for one last chance
'Cause this time we've got nothing left to lose
Everything is ruined but the end is where we begin

You're lost in the clouds
I climbed a ladder but I can't talk you down
All that matters is tomorrow today

The winds will lead us somewhere
We got a long, long way to go

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