Our Lady Peace

Sleeping In

Abandoned track from recording sessions for Happiness. The lyrics were published in the PPU Christmas 1998 newsletter. It was revisited and abandoned again during recording sessions for Spiritual Machines.


Central Themes

Souls, although where we meet. This
Hose a lazy morphine
But I, I'm stretching to see over
Your shoulders and over your priest
And paper cups and paper shoes
Give backs to me, but I see right through
And I know why you overslept
So grey, grey, slow rain

Home, like the bed pan he needs
And the hose that's not supposed to be
But I, I'm stretching to see over your
Flowers and Time magazines
Now I believe in what you do
The pain will cease
Well I know why you overslept
To be home, to be

I'm happier than you
And I'm too high to follow through

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