Our Lady Peace


In the middle, there's a breakdown there where we wanted to get almost surrealistic with it, but not too outside. So we put the room mic into an amplifier and remiked the amp, got it so that it was distorted and then we compressed it at a ridiculous ratio and then regenerated it again -- put it on tape, then got the original room mic as well, put it on top so that it had the kind of body of the regular drum, but I had this sort of compressed, out of phase sound coming out of the amp. Then I chewed the vocal so that it sounded like everyone was coming out of this garbage can, and I think there's a guitar in there, too, which we EQ'd and put into a weird effect, just to make it sound like all of a sudden, out of thin air, there's this little band playing.- Arnold Lanni, Canadian Musician, April 1997


So, you fucked this up again
It's time for you to leave
You never had many friends
And you thought this was all right
You're rushing to meditate
Should eat but probably wait
You never thought of yourself

Why are you shaking?
Why are you right?
But I will be the only one who gives and lets you in tonight

Walk, you could never walk away
From a speedfreak collagen
A caffeinated place
You're always reaching in
Looking for somewhere to go
Nobody needs to find out
Nobody needs to know what you know

So you wonder about the past
When you know that its already been
Nothing seems to last
Will it last? Can it last?

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