Our Lady Peace

Right Behind You (Mafia)

I took it further in some songs, like 'Right Behind You (Mafia)' [which is] not an 'F-You' to Kurzweil. It's like 'I believe [much of] what you're saying, but we're going to fight it as well because there is a soul and there is a spirit.'- Raine Maida, What Magazine, Feb. 2001

The song 'Right Behind You' is about giving the finger to computers and saying there's something more in human beings and we can stand up to computers, and we're always gonna be there.- Raine Maida, Rock Sound, May 2001


You haven't seen the world outside for days
You sleep, you hope, you wait
Imagination disappears
And all the dreams you have you save
Confrontation like a mirror
They try to take your mind away

I don't know but I believe in yesterday
And what it means to bleed
And know that you're okay
Are you waiting?

No matter what you say
No matter what you do
I'm always right there behind you

Bombarded by the atmosphere
You breathe, you choke, you breathe again
Conversation disappears
You realize they're not your friends
The panic of the future rears
You dig, you jerk, you find another way

You opened up my veins
Now I don't feel the same, no
You opened up my brain
But I won't be replaced, no

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