Our Lady Peace

Paper Moon

Paper Moon sprouted up from a piano riff that Duncan had been hammering out on his old piano at home. Guitar replaced the piano bt a lot of the things in the song that are unusual for Our Lady Peace stayed such as the overall swing feel of the track, the sleighbells, and the minute long guitar solo. The second chorus where we all join in singing is one of my favorite moments on Burn Burn. I think that this is gonna be a real special one for us to play live.- Steve Mazur

“Paper Moon,” is a real, real high point for me, a lot of stuff in that one seems to me just a little unusual, it has a swing feel, sleigh bells in it, a minute long guitar solo in it with like Choir sort of vocals, it’s sort of a feel good song, it’s a lot of unusual things for OLP but something about that one just felt right.- Steve Mazur, Shockwave Magazine, Jul. 2009

It was always like there was a hesitation to go there [the extended guitar solo]. We did it on Superman’s Dead [from 1997’s Clumsy], that was a great example that we should have probably put more virtue or value in, because that was a song that was a single down here that did really well, and it had like a whole other ending.- Raine Maida, iProng, 28 Jul. 2009


Central Themes

Comes a time when you get turned around
And life itself just wears you out
But you keep getting ready for the big parade
You shine your shoes and you fake a smile
Salute the players with that famous style
'Cause keepin' up has kept you in chains

I was thinking that if you know a way out that I'd like to go with you
And we can burn out like candles under that paper moon
They just don't know anything at all

You fight traffic jams and big TVs
And hipsters trapped in their own irony
But you finally think about settling down
You quit your job and you sell your car
You burn your clothes and pray to the stars
'Cause you swore to God that you'd never end up this way

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