Our Lady Peace

No Warning

No Warning was written during the Gravity tour, and made a few live appearances in 2003. Ultimately, the song was scrapped before the band began recording their next album, Healthy in Paranoid Times. It was finally released for free online on November 26, 2014, through the Transparent Humans mailing list.

In the accompanying email, Raine shared the following insight:

The first release is No Warning. It’s taken from a 2 week recording session we did in Hawaii with Bob Rock in the middle of touring Gravity. This version is a “live off the floor” recording. The band was very tight at this point after having played over 100 shows on Gravity so you can feel that confident energy coming through. I find it reminiscent of some songs from Naveed in terms of the drums, the range I’m singing in and its overall manic vibe. Lyrically its no more than a “scratch/rough” lyric although I did like the “No Warning” concept. I can still feel the sense of life creeping up on you before you know it in the lyric.

Although we never did go back to this song for the official “Healthy in Paranoid Times” sessions, later that year we performed a version live at the S.A.R.S benefit show in Toronto at the Skydome on May 28th, 2003. I remember I wore a red plaid shirt and sang without a mask on.- Raine Maida


Now in sight, the end of all
Your fall, life, coordination, you
And I believe it's true
It's real

You'll get no warning, no warning at all

You're kinda like a shelf on the wall
Looking for your bed
You're not staying there, you're not me anymore

Kinda like the [boy we know?]
I'm sentimental
Where we know you feel you'll go
You're falling on me

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