Our Lady Peace

Never Get Over You

We had the chorus of Never Get Over You around from the very first writing session for Burn Burn. We all felt it was special, but we could not get the rest of the song to feel right. We twisted and turned it around multiple times and finally near the end of recording the record we found the right way to approach it. Every time that it seemed headed for the cutting room floor I got really bummed, but as they say, the cream always rises to the top. Not sure if I belive that, but I'm glad that it held true for this song.- Steve Mazur

Yeah, It [the album title and lyric burn, burn] was a quote by Kerouac where he is talking about the people that he wants to hang with, people that he enjoys being with and that sort of get him going. I don’t remember the quote exactly but it goes something like, The only ones for me are the mad ones, mad to live, mad to create, and the ones that burn, burn, burn like spiders moving across the stars, and we all just really liked that. I know I’m one of those people that has a problem with, I don’t want to say idol chatter, that makes it sound very simple but, I have trouble hanging with people who don’t light my fire in a certain way and that’s what it represented to me.- Steve Mazur, Shockwave Magazine, Jul. 2009


Central Themes

She sits quiet in the shadow of the sun
She looks tired, a life that's come undone
She turns, turns, turns, turns
She likes hockey and summers by the lake
We're not talking
Victims of my mistakes
I burn, burn, burn, burn

If you walk out that door I just don't know what I'd do
I'll never get over you
My heart hits this floor

In this silence but it's never been so loud
I try and fight it but the words just don't come out

There's no hiding from your silence

Don't you go

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