Our Lady Peace

Neon Crossing

That was one of the first demos we ever did and you know, [laughs] I’m not going to lie, it was probably 11th hour that we decided to put it on the record. I just was never happy with that song. It was, literally, one of the first songs we wrote as Our Lady Peace and it’s not immature, but we just never play it. Lyrically it’s not finished in a way. I wasn’t learning and it ended up making the record, but it’s not something I’m most proud of.- Raine Maida, CBC, 21 Mar. 2014


All you people can you feel it waiting?
Innocence and love, wrapped in the arms of the burning neon
I feel it, I feel it

It's so entertaining and so wonderful it magically calls for you

Big neon crossing, it showed me the way
It saved my soul today

Don't you worry and don't be afraid
Does it send you to the world appealing
Where there is spoken word that I can't take
So I'm the liar, I'm the liar

You're so disappointed to find out that the magic was not really meant for you

Call the liar
I can't wait and I can't be the liar

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