Our Lady Peace

Monkey Brains

The monarch butterfly is a fascinating insect. I remember Ontario summers bursting with monarchs.

I was amazed to realize that it takes four generations of monarchs to migrate to a warmer climate and then return back for summer. Four generations!!! That goes beyond commitment. Monkey Brains is an ode to the monarch butterfly and its incredible dedication.- Raine Maida

The song “Monkey Brains” is actually on our web-site, I don’t know if anybody mentioned this but it’s about Monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies, in order to complete this cycle of migration all they way down from Mexico back up through North America…It takes four generations of Monarch butterflies to complete the journey, it’s like ridiculous dedication. That’s what the song is centered around and the monkey brains line, I don’t know, you’re going to…That song is one we are really proud of. Our bass player was messing around on guitar and it just felt so good jamming it even though it felt a little loud, a little rougher that the other stuff. I knew we were okay when I played a bunch of songs for my mom and she liked that one. So I’m like, it’s not toooo crazy if my mom likes it. That song is fun to play live, we kept a lot of stuff from like the original bass tracks, and we just left a lot of stuff from when we were playing in the room.- Steve Mazur, Shockwave Magazine, Jul. 2009


Making plans for your escape
Get between all the ricochets
Assume positions in the sky
Fly away with the butterflies
Rest your head in Pacific grove
Lose yourself down in Mexico
Wanna taste of the monkey brains
Take a bite man, don't be shy

They're coming after you
It's all you can do

Got your file and your DNA
Membership in the NRA
On the list with the FBI
Yearbook pics from the junior high
Camouflage in your orange and black
Soar above all the ground attacks
Safe and sound on this coastal plane
Celebrate with the cheap champagne

Generations trying to find a home
A thousand miles away from what they know
It's time to go

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