Our Lady Peace

Is Anybody Home?

Is Anybody Home is a distress signal, really. It's a call to everyone who's found themselves stuck in their rooms having their souls sucked out of them by TV and having television or the Internet mold their values and interests. It's a call for help from one isolated person to another.- Raine Maida,, 19 July 1999


Goodbye, the future's sold out
There's no use screaming
Who thought we'd ever get this far?
Tonight, your faith has come down
To money and a TV
Psychics who've never been to Mars
And Nazis breast feeding
I know you must be upset
I can't find meaning
I'm sorry, we're sorry
We're all scared, all scared

Hey is anybody home?
Has anybody wasted tears on
The loneliness
That everyone becomes
When they're not alright

Goodnight, the truth has come out
Everyone's needy
White teeth, a ticket to meet God
Be all that you envy
The shotgun under your bed has
Started breathing
You shot it, you shot it
I'm bare, I'm bare

Is anybody low
Has anybody painted fear
On the bedroom walls that save us from...

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