Our Lady Peace


'Innocent' is one of my favourite tracks on the record. I wrote this song over a year ago and I was originally hesitant to play it for the band, but once we got into the studio and began working with Bob we were able to make it an Our Lady Peace song.- Raine Maida, Nettwerk Management, 2002

Being in Iraq was a huge, obviously life-changing experience. Just seeing the innocence there. There's a song on the record called Innocent and just that sparkle that I think obviously young people have, a lot of older people have it too. It's just hard to tap into it. This is just about getting back to that place.- Raine Maida, MuchMusic, 25 Jun. 2002

You know, it's definitely... it's about that age when you're searching. You know, you're trying to figure out what's going on. And I think today it's harder and harder to find something that seems original in your head. You know, it's so easy to just get on a wavelength where you're... you can compare yourself to someone else, and that gives you validity in your soul. You know, and I think that's not always the best... it's the easiest thing to do probably, but it's not always the best. And I think it's about those people that are searching for something different.- Raine Maida, MIX 100 FM, 22 Aug. 2002


Brief References

Johnny wishes he was famous
Spends his time alone in the basement
With Lennon and Cobain
A guitar and a stereo
While he wishes he could escape this
It all seems so contagious
Not to be yourself and faceless
In a song that has no soul

I remember feeling low
I remember losing hope
I remember all the feelings
And the day they stopped
We are, we are all innocent

Tina's losing faith in what she knows
Hates her music, hates all of her clothes
Thinks of surgery
And a new nose
Every calorie's a war
While she wishes she was a dancer
And that she'd never heard of cancer
She wishes God would give her some answers
And make her feel beautiful

One day you'll have to let it go
One day you'll stand up on your own

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