Our Lady Peace

Hello Oskar

We put a couple of mics on an amp and put the mics out of phase -- which makes it sound a little funny -- and we moved the mics around until we found a space that sounded very different, took that signal, put it into an effects box and dressed it up that way. We also knew that in 'Oskar,' we wanted the bass and drums to drive it. What we opted for first was that the bass never got lost and when we miked the drum kit, Jeremy's a very aggressive drummer, so a lot of the tone that you're hearing comes right off his riff anyway, the way he attacks his drums, but his snare drum has a very signature sound. Part of it is how he plays it; the other part is how we mic it and compress it. We jus knew we wanted a specific drum and bass tone, and then we fit the guitar on top of it later.- Arnold Lanni, Canadian Musician, April 1997


Over there well he's wondering
Is Oskar there, is Oskar alright?
Was never cool, not allowed to fit
He never knew what he liked
Over there he's the rubberman
A rubber dress with Betty Page eyes
Was never cool, he'll never settle down
He's not allowed to drive

He'll build a bridge then walk around
Don't ever call him dumb
He's not that bright
And he's not him...

I will take you somewhere
Somewhere to unwind
You're tangled up in all this shit
I will make you mine

There's nothing wrong, he's a superstar
A taximan and a young Eisenstein

He'll build a bridge then walk around
Leave that boy alone
He's not that bright, he's not uptight
He's just not himself

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