Our Lady Peace

Fight the Good Fight

Written in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement in October 2011. The song also has a supporting video available on OLP's YouTube page. The mastered version or the audio appeared as a free download to fans on on October 27, 2011.


Central Themes

I got this thorn in my side
I got the boogeyman jive
We gotta take back the throne
We'll let the kids rock and roll
I know just what to do

Take me home to the place we understand
Where the cold winds blow and revolution's in the air
And all we know, we're fighting for what we had
Fight the good fight

A war is declared
We gotta get back to square
Not gonna swallow my pride
Or do a Jekyll and Hyde

You hear me knocking on your door
Said the joker to the whore
Time to even up the score
Gotta do what's right

Every once in a while change has to come
We're raising our hands to the beat of the drum

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