Our Lady Peace

End of the World

Alternate version of Hurt Yourself.

This title appeared on a list of tracks from the recording sessions for Healthy in Paranoid Times in the 2004 Holiday Video.


Are you the one inside the house up on the hill
Counting cars and taking pills to escape
Inside your house you have a hundred TV screens
All the people that you meet look the same

You're not alone and it's alright
You don't need to hurt yourself to feel alive
Don't you run and don't you hide
You were a teenage punching bag in another life

You're numb but you still feel the pain
And you run but you can't get away
And the flowers don't grow
And the windows don't close
But the end of the world's not far away
It's not far away

You hold your breath until the demons run away
And it hurts like hell to have to wait
Outside your house the world is bursting at the seams
But you hold onto your dreams in case, in case

It's the end of the world

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