Our Lady Peace

Do You Like It?

The song 'Do You Like It' was actually cut after we had mixed most of the record in Vancouver with Randy Staub. We had gone back to Maui to finish some small details on the last two songs to be mixed and - lo and behold! - a new song was born and recorded.- Raine Maida, Nettwerk Management, 2002


I crawled out from the pain of yesterday
I crawled to you and
I said all the things that you said to say
Have I said enough?

Do you like it?

I know why you're playing these dirty games
They're killing me and
I know how you love to watch me beg
Well here I am

Do you like it?

I don't want to be a puppet for you
Don't want to bite the hand that's feeding
I don't want to be a sucker for you, yes you
I hate myself for begging
I hate myself for staying
I hate myself for listening to you

It's too little too late, I can't escape
I'm begging you please
I changed all the things that you told me to change
I'm on my knees

Do you like it?

I just want to get out
Stuck inside of this
Waiting for something else
Waiting to exist
Can you offer me help?
Help from what I've missed

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