Our Lady Peace

Car Crash

We wanted it to sound cold, so we opted for sounds that were electronically generated, we put stuff into samplers and cut it up and put it through all kinds of different boxes. And in the chorus, you actually hear a sound in the left -- which is suposed to be a little bit annoying and a little bit distancing. We didn't want anything organic. The song starts off in one time and the drums come in and screw up the time purposely by introducing a hi-hat off time. Then, we had this crescendo guitar, but we wanted this song to sound cold, detached, isolated -- and so we wanted the vocals to be like when a child talks in a very innocent voice and he's in his own little world. Much to Raine's credit, much like a good actor, he was able to pull himself inside the song and deliver it.- Arnold Lanni, Canadian Musician, April 1997

[The Beatles' A Day in the Life] was almost the kind of cool vibe we got. There's also the Jeff Buckley thing everyone tells us about. That was probably the first song that came together, and the one of which we are the proudest. It's not a radio-friendly song, but it's so different: I don't think that song sounds like anybody at all. And I threw in this three-over-four part just to confuse!- Jeremy Taggart, Modern Drummer, Feb. 1998


Tired and jaded
This road is unsafe
Have you been there?
But time is on your side
You're too stubborn to wait
Are you listening?
They want you to know
They want you to stay
Oh its too much to take
So you're running away

It's more than I can bear

Car crash
Ending your day
At the side of the road
Are you trembling?
They'll wake up today
To the papers that say
"Oh well," it was too hard to tell
He was swerving, they were swerving
Much too late

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