Our Lady Peace

Bring Back the Sun

A song like 'Bring Back the Sun,' we only recorded it four or five times and just took one take. No overdubs. There's a lot of that kind of vibe. It's very grounded, and [the title] Gravity suits.- Raine Maida, MTV, 17 Jun. 2002

I love Bring Back the Sun. The verses have the simplicity where Bob Rock was pushing us to go, but there's also a melody in he bridge and last chorus that's reminiscent of our earlier records. There are many others that I love, too, but I don't want to sound self-aggrandizing. When I hear every single line on the record, I think, Wow -- I wish I had another chance to do that a little differently.- Duncan Coutts, Bass Player, Sep. 2002

"Bring Back The Sun" is interesting because it's actually the second take of a demo - we just went back and over-dubbed strings and stuff, but what you're hearing is basically done live, second take.- Duncan Coutts, VoxOnline, 2002


Central Themes

A little white house
It's everything we dreamed about
I wanted you to know
I'm hanging up my ego
We shouldn't have to fight
Or worry about the bills tonight
I wanted you to know
I want to be your shadow
The mystery's gone
So bring back the sun
We'll bury this hate
And build it with love

Living by the hour
The grass wasn't greener I found
I wanted you to know
I dug you up a rainbow
I know, I know I failed you
I hope, I hope we get through
Sunny days again

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