Our Lady Peace


[The lyric, "the world's a blister," is] all about getting close to that extreme, in which everything is glamourized to such an extent - from porn to sensationalizing death - we're desensitized, I think, pretty much completely desensitized.- Raine Maida, Vancouver Sun, 23 Sep. 1999

It's weird, because some songs like Blister, where Raine had a basic idea and we threw all these different parts at it and changed a lot of things and then it came back pretty similar.- Jeremy Taggart, Canadian Musician, Nov. 1999


Lately, I can't breathe
Waiting, they're chasing me
No one listens but I'm ok with it

Only I wonder why
If only my hands weren't tied

The world's a blister
But I'm okay with it

(Don't touch me)
What if I was there?
What if I was scared?
I'm waiting for...

They're at my door
But I'll be back again

Lonely, I'm wandering
Patrolling for enemies
No one listens but I'm ok with it

(Don't trust me)

You wonder why
I don't know
You shout at me
Let me go

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