Our Lady Peace

Big Dumb Rocket

The song Big Dumb Rocket is about me almost killing one of my best friends with a gun. It was one of those stupid incidents. I didn't know there was a bullet in the chamber, it was a Beretta, I removed the clip, but I didn't know that a bullet stays in the chamber always. That happened about two and a half years ago, and I still have nightmares about it. I was just a fucking idiot. Every song, is pretty much based on those four or five seconds where you have the chance to make the right or wrong decision. Luckily, in some of those instances, I didn't have to pay, but I did make the wrong decision.- Raine Maida, Circus Magazine, Apr. 1998

I was in some stupid gun club in high school for about a week. A friend of mine's father had a gun and, like a stupid kid, I was fooling around with it. I pulled out the magazine and thought there was no bullets and was pointing it at one of my friends. I found out later it always had a bullet in the chamber. I never had my finger on the trigger, but still . . .That led to some serious nightmares.- Raine Maida, Globe and Mail, 12 Apr. 2000


I've never seen your breath before
But I'm disgusted by the thought of
Waiting anymore
If I look into your eyes
Will you notice me or notice it or
Fade into this accident?

I don't want to find
The big dumb rocket on your mind
It's mostly you and mostly me
And a tired gun that's not empty

I've never been this sad before
But I'm offended by my fingertips
And what they've done
If I look up in your eyes
If it must be true you must believe
I've never held such violent things

I've never talked to God before tonight
But I'm disgusted by...

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