Our Lady Peace

Better than Here


I looked up to the sky
Your face was drawn in black and white
Tonight we're stuck inside a lie
And the fear is we won't get out alive

The stink, it's in the air
And the air, it's getting thin

Where are you going as fast as you can run?
Where are you going? Do you hide behind the sun?
Stay down low and stay down where you are
Where are you going? Is it better than here?

The truth, we've turned into a joke
It's true I'd give anything to hold you tonight
Tonight I stay but you slip away

Where are you going? Don't let them come after you

I trip
in vain
Lie to me
I'd like to get away
You like it like you do
I'd like to be with you
I'd like to live up there
But I wake up and I'm here

Tonight I'm stuck here and tomorrow I disappear

Stay down low and stay down where you are
'Cause it's better than before

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