Our Lady Peace


“Apology” is just a huge song for us. It was done live. We got into a room and we were recording all of this material and that song just came out. We did three takes and that was the first take and it was one of those magical moments where I didn’t fix anything. We did a couple little guitar overdubs in the months afterwards, but that’s the song. You can’t change it and you can’t tweak it or fix it in Pro Tools. That’s the way it is; everything’s bleeding into each other mics and it’s a very pure thing. There are a bunch of other songs that have that element to them. There is something really honest and pure about not being able to go fix stuff and just leaving it and feeling like, “Yeah, that’s the song, man!” - Raine Maida, FMQB, 19 Aug. 2005


You, you're me
I'm a lock, you're the key
You're the air I breathe
But tonight I'm choking

You are my life

You, you're the sea
I'm the waves crashing
I'm the ground under your feet
I'm a liar, a thief and I'm an apology

Don't go

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