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Spiritual Machines 2 Track Listing, Album Art recently released the tracklisting for Spiritual Machines 2:

1. RK1.Age of Spiritual Machines

2. Stop Making Stupid People Famous

3. Holes

4. RK2.Consciousness

5. The Message

6. Wish You Well

7. RK3.UBI

8. Future Disease

9. 19 Days

10. Run

11. RK4.Escape Velocity ft. EMTEE

12. Simulation

13. Good Die Young

14. RK5.Turing Test

15. Temporary Healing

Ray Kurzweil returns to provide spoken bits on the "RK" tracks, as well as the surprising return of Mike Turner on track 11. In a recent Reddit AMA, Raine stated "Spiritual Machines 2 [wouldn't] be right without Mike involved."

The cover art was also recently revealed. GTA based music video director/producer and graphic designer, Rich Misener (Trustworthy), again provided cover art for the album in collaboration with original Spiritual Machines artist Oli Goldsmith.

Source:, Reddit, Rich Misener