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Tour Postponed

Sadly, OLP announced yesterday that they will be postponing the recently announced acoustic anniversary tour for now.

"We have decided to postpone our anniversary tour for an undetermined length of time but, as always, you will be the first to know about what OLP does next.

- Raine, Duncan, Jeremy & Steve"

-Source: OLP Facebook

What song do you want to see on the "Town Hall" tour?

As OLP gears up for their acoustic "Town Hall" tour, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Naveed, we ask what songs you'd like to hear performed acoustic on this tour. Just click the handy "Request List" link to the left and submit your vote. In 2 weeks, we'll send your votes to the band. Who knows, maybe your pick will make the final cut!

OLP Vancouver Setlist; Raine Interview; 12 Days of OLPness

Here is the setlist from last night's concert in Vancouver:




Paper Moon

Is Anybody Home


One Man Army

Monkey Brains





In Repair

Superman's Dead

As Fast As You Can


Check out this interesting interview with Raine from before the show in Vancouver: Interesting to note that more reworked songs will be coming out before the "Town Hall" tour.

We hope everyone enjoyed the recordings posted for this year's 12 Days of OLPness. Thanks to our members Gail, Josh, Kim, and Matt for helping record several of the shows shared this year. Also a very special thanks to Josh for curating almost all of the recordings shared this year. The concerts will remain up as torrents for the next two weeks, after that they will still be available on the Hub.

Sources: Chelsea Kukura, Gail/

And a Happy New Year!

We hope everyone made the best of 2013, and that 2014 is a year to remember for all the right reasons! Let's also look forward to what's new in the OLP front this year. Happy new year!!