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Curve: album streaming now (Canadian residents only)

Good news for Canadian fans: Our Lady Peace's new album Curve is now available to stream in full from Sony's Music Unlimited service. Membership is required, but they have a 30-day free trial offer.

Our Lady Peace heading to the UK

OLP will be playing at The Garage in London on July 2nd. Tickets on sale this Friday at

Tour Rehearsal Update & New Interviews

OLP will be joined on stage this tour by keyboardist Robin Hatch, as revealed by Jeremy via twitter. The band is currently rehearsing songs for the tour, which begins one week from today in London.

Meanwhile, interviews and articles about the new album Curve keep rolling in. The Examiner has published a Q&A with Raine, Pop Culture Madness: Music has a new article about Curve, and Pod Zeppelin has posted an awesome, in-depth interview with Raine.

Links to all 3 can be found in our new Publicity section. Thanks Long Jonny and MattCooperPZ.

Heavyweight video

In a recent radio interview on ErrorFM's Rockzilla, Raine Maida stated that the official Heavyweight video will be released tomorrow.

Thanks to all those who shared this news.

The Boxer and the Artist

Raine has written an exclusive article entitled The Boxer and the Artist for AOL Music about Curve and how this album is related to George Chuvalo.

(source: senseofurgency)

Yesterday Steve mentioned on twitter that he is packing for tour rehearsals. The tour kicks off two weeks from today, so be sure to check out our new Tour Request List to vote for the songs you want to hear!

(source: @SteveMazur)

News Roundup

Just announced on - OLP will be playing March 30th at the Bronson Centre in Ottawa. Tickets on sale March 16th at 10am from Ticketmaster. The new album Curve will also begin streaming at starting March 27th. (note: stream probably only available in Canada)

Raine revealed via twitter that a deluxe version of Curve will be released containing the album in vinyl and CD formats, an expanded booklet, exclusive pictures, etc. More details coming soon.

Clips from 2 of the songs on Curve have now been released on OLP's Soundcloud: Find Our Way and Fire in the Hen House. Look for more clips in the coming weeks.

Raine recently spoke with Pop!Blerd about recording Curve, touring, songwriting, and collaborating. He also gave a short update on his solo record, the plan is still to release a couple "mixtapes" and hopefully release a full album by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Duncan has shared his thoughts on Curve, Fight the Good Fight, and touring in an interview with SoundSpike

And finally, if you're artistically inclined, check out this T-Shirt Design Contest

Thanks to Long Jonny, Flynner, and Tattooed Angels for sharing.

Heavyweight remix

Check out the remix track for Heavyweight over on OLP's Soundcloud page.

10 Years in the Making

Welcome back to! You may have noticed things look just a little different. Over the past 3 years we've been planning and building this new site. Josh has taken a lot of great ideas from some of his favorite band sites, along with suggestions from myself, and Saman, and made our new home. The new monkey was created by Saman, inspired by the Clumsy album cover, as well as the series of angry green monkeys by Justin Woo. After Rich and Shelley folded, we became the primary unofficial source for OLP news. With that honor, we set out to be the most informative site around, and that is where we are today. So as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary today, take a look around and enjoy the new features. We would also like to take a moment to thank Al Carlin and Lando for helping create the site all those years ago. Also thanks to Bethany, Rob P, Jacqui, and Nam for the time they spent helping pay the bills. We would not be here without you.

So, besides a new paint job, what else is new? Here on the main page, you'll notice the red link that says "==>Tip Line<==". If you have some OLP news to share, you can simply post it there for the world to see. Guests may post news in there too without registering. In the songs and lyrics sections, you can click on a song title and pull up it's lyrics, as well as listing of credits, and alternate versions, and the newest feature "Live Stats". This will pull known setlist information and tell you how many times a song has been played, in what years it had the most frequency, first and last plays, and the songs that typically precede, and procede it. Under the tour dates area, when you click on a past show, you can link YouTube videos from the show, as well as photo galleries. Raine threw out a Twitter request line, we made our own before he thought it up. Click on the Request link, and drop in your suggestion for a song for the band to play live. The results cycle every 3 weeks. You may have already joined @OskarTwitch on Twitter, but if you haven't, you can follow him for periodic CM updates on Twitter. Who knows, there might even be contests in the wonderful future. We've also added a YouTube channel, culling some of the best videos that CMer's have shot over the last 10 years. There are some that you've seen before, and some that are going to be viewed for the very first time...and we're not even finished uploading! And if you click on the Downloads link...Behold! Free music! We've picked some live songs and demos that we hope you'll enjoy, available as direct downloads in .mp3 or .flac formats.

Finally, the forum has been moved from phpBB2, to phpBB3. This will help us cut down on spam bots, and make future updates easier. This has disabled the torrent tracker, but we're currently working on the workaround for it. We've also consolidated a few forums together, such as the breaking OLP news and OLP discussion forums, to cut some of the guesswork out of where to post.

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