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Corn Festival Articles

Here's an article from the Windsor Star discussing the festival and Saturday night's concert. The article states at 9,000 people were in attendance Saturday night.

Here's another Corn Fest article from the Windsorite.

Source: Windsor Star;

Tecumseh Setlist; Best Wishes; Update

Here's the setlist from last night's show in Tecumseh at the Corn Festival:

Monkey Brains


Superman's Dead


Escape Artist

Is Anybody Home?

Paper Moon

Thief (Dedicated to Jack Layton)

The Wolf


One Man Army

Somewhere Out There

All You Did Was Save My Life/Life



4 A.M.

In Repair


Thanks to DudeLove721 for helping with the setlist!

Side note: 4 AM also featured our very own Jonathon Hooper (Long Jonny) and his nephew Nathan on vocals for part of the song. Congratulations Jonny!

Last night's show also marked tech Ryan Grant's final night on tour with the band. Ryan has been with the band since the HIPT tours, and has always been a friendly face to all the fans. All of us at the CM wish Ryan the very best, and hope to see him somewhere down the road again.

The band is now off to LA to finish recording album 8. While in LA, they will be playing a show at the Viper Room. However, their main goal is to complete recording tracks for the album. More information as it becomes available!

Tecumseh, Formspring, and Vipers!

OLP returns to the stage this Saturday at the Tecumseh Corn Festival, in Tecumseh, ON. Concert begins at 6:30 with local bands, and OLP takes the stage at 9:30PM. The concert is being held at Lacasse Park in Tecumseh (590 Lacasse Blvd.), and admission is only $5.

Raine has answered some new questions on OLP's Formspring page. Head over to check out the questions and answers.

OLP returns to Los Angeles on September 11 to play a special show at the famous Viper Room. Tickets are limited and on sale now. Tickets can be purchased here.

Sources: >; OLP on Formspring; @MrRaineMaida on Twitter

State of Shock album

Here's an article from Alternative Addiction discussing State of Shock's new album due out for release in Canada in September. The article briefly discusses Raine's involvement with the album and the songwriting process. Check out the article here.


Raine solo album update

While November 29 still appears to be the release date for the album tentatively titled "We All Get Lighter", the second solo album by Raine Maida, Raine posted this tonight on his Twitter account:

"...i have 14 songs recorded for my solo record. trying to decide how/where/when to begin releasing. its killing me..."

Source: @MrRaineMaida on Twitter

Interview with Raine

Check out an interview here with Raine about his upcoming solo album.



Swing by OLP's Formspring page for new Q&A with the band. is now owned by the band. It's currently a copy of, but look for exciting changes to in the wonderful future.

Here's another video clip from the album 8 recording sessions on OLP's YouTube channel:

Sources: OLP on Formspring; Trustworthy; OLP on YouTube

Jeremy Taggart Interview

Jeremy answers 10 questions about social media. Read it here.

Source: OLP Twitter (@ourladypeace)


Swing by OLP's Formspring page for new Q&A with the band.

Source: OLP on Formspring