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Can an admin from this website please contact me to activate my forum account? I'm not receiving the activation email to approve my account. or Thanks!


Requesting permission to use 'Thief' for our non-profit organization created in memory of a dear friend, for Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

Based out of Durham and York Region, ON Canada

We've created a cause for a dear friend, recently departed. She did not choose to leave - she was stolen, murdered by her mind.

In our vision we are hoping to make changes to the Mental Health Act for our children's' future!

The suicide rates in youth have doubled in my 30 years on this planet and I'm scared for our children as life is becoming more and more stressful.

Please help us make change.

Thank you kindly in advance for your consideration,

Ashly Poole


Project amy Team


My ten year old loves your band!

Here he is performing Innocent in the living room.


Happy 17th anniversary for Clumsy!


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