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Merry Christmas and Congratulations

From all of the staff at, Merry Christmas to all our members and visitors. We hope you've been able to enjoy time with your family and friends.

We would also like to say congratulations to one of our former long time members and moderators, Melissa (xonodoubt69), on her engagement to her long time boyfriend Jason. We wish you all the best!

It's that time of year again!

Tomorrow kicks off our annual 12 Days Of OLPness! Bob Claus will be back with some new shows and some old favorites to fill your hard drives with joy this holiday season. Tune in tomorrow morning for the first day of OLPness.

Also, if you love Matthew Good, swing by the Bored forums over at and get in on the 12 Days of Goodness. It's being presented by our friend paintedbynumbers (NF username foats) and has lots of live shows, and rare tracks.