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If you're on the OLP mailing list, you've already found a surprise in your inbox today. The mastered version of "Fight The Good Fight" is now available as a free download from If you aren't on the mailing list, or haven't been to .com yet, then the Hub has your hookup too! Just login and search to download (we even have FLAC for you audiophiles):

Enjoy the music, and after a few listens, take a moment to share your thoughts here.

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Fight the Good Fight...

...with music and video. OLP's new song "Fight The Good Fight" is now available on YouTube! Check out the video below:

Discuss the video here.

Fight The Good Fight

This evening, Our Lady Peace has launched a new website, dedicated to justice and change. Visit it to read a statement from the band explaining their support of the Occupy movement.

Strong Support

Thanks to everyone who joined OLP supporting various issues this weekend. Raine, Duncan, Jeremy, and Steve all participated in various Occupy rallies across North America. Keep an eye on their Facebook page, as well as for pictures and video.

A very special thanks to all those who came out today to support Foodstock. Over 30,000 people showed up today to support the No Mega Quarry movement. Thanks to Jeremy for supporting an important local interest, and helping to generate more information and public knowledge on the situation!

Just to clarify...

...OLP is not splitting up. Well, they are for the weekend to attend various Occupy events in Detroit, LA, New York, and Toronto on October 15. Repeat: OLP is not breaking up as a band, just taking a break for the weekend to support a cause they believe in.

Additionally, Foodstock with Jeremy is this weekend in support of stopping a proposed mining quarry that will destroy a large section of wildlife in Ontario. Details are available in the news article below.


For those who follow Jeremy on Twitter (@taggart7), you know about his strong opposition for an aggregate mining quarry near his hometown of Mansfield, ON. The event is being held on October 16 and features Chefs preparing food from local product, as well as musical performances from several musicians. Here is an excerpt from an article posted Oct. 5 on

Our Lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart hosts the stage show. Taggart grew up in Mansfield and was told about the quarry plan by a childhood friend.

“For somebody to privately think they can do this much of a technological advancement in the area without any consequences is insane to me,” Taggart said. “Especially in this day and age.”

Taggart had previously voiced his objection to the quarry through social media and “jumped” at the opportunity to help when he heard about Foodstock.

“It hit home. I know how important that land is,” he said.

For Taggart, Foodstock provides the opportunity for musicians to provide a voice that may not be heard throughout Canada.

“It’s hard to get press and major TV stations talking about sensitive issues like this with major corporate backing,” Taggart said. “I think musicians have an opportunity to help shed some light on information when it’s not available to everyone.

“When you get into deals with hedge funds, suddenly people don’t want to talk.”

While Taggart’s role at Foodstock is emcee, he didn’t deny the possibility of picking up a pair of drumsticks.

“Maybe there will be a drum kit I can get my hands on,” he said.

You can read the article, and get more information on the event here.


Another Viper Room video on the way

Another video from last month's Viper Room show is on the way. Will it be Innocent or Paper Moon? Vote now on OLP's facebook page.