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A very special congratulations to our very own Cassie, better known here as Henrietta, on her wedding that took place today. We would like to wish the bride and groom a lifetime of Happiness... and a Wonderful Future.

OLP album in the mixing process

According to a status update on Jeremy Taggart's Facebook page, Andrew Scheps is currently handling the mixing for OLP's next album. Scheps has a long list of clients including Pedestrian, Linkin Park, Jay Z, Johnny Cash, and many others.

OLP New Year's Eve Update

Rich sent out a message through Facebook saying that Steve Mazur is confirming OLP and David Usher for December 31 in Brampton, ON. Stay tuned for more details!

* is now saying this concert is official. Venue and details to come.

OLP on New Years?

Rich from is reporting that a very reliable source has OLP and David Usher playing New Year's Eve in Brampton, ON. Details to come....hopefully!

US Election

Today is Election day in the United States. I would like to encourage all of our US residents who are eligible to vote, to go out today and vote for the candidate of your choosing. This is an important election, one that can put us back on the right track. Power to the people, fight the tide!