Ghostly Life B-sides

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This collection of songs are most of the leftovers from the chunk of music we recorded for Ghostly Life... We had around 30 songs by the end and as we were recording, we had to decide what was going on the record and what was going to be left over for either a second record or B-sides.....

When I started the record, it had a totally different direction to where it ended up..... The songs were slower and centered around guitar and voice and it was starting to feel like a singer/songwriter record instead of a rock band.... It was not until I listened back to our electric EP that I realized I had lost the initial vision of this band....... I ended up writing Brain on a Stick, Headwreck, Belly Up and Garden Fool and fount that I was getting excited again about our more rocking side..... A dear friend of mine named Wil Sharpe would come around and listen to the recordings as we were going along and consistently mentioned he was missing the energy of the electric EP...... Once I put those songs in the mix, songs like Paper Thin, Falling Back on Sorry and Room with a View felt like they would be another record...... It took a while to know what was right and in the end, it was more important to have a flow and a focus and a story, than just picking my favorite songs...... Brendan and Zac really helped out a lot on pushing the Ghostly Life record into the direction it ended up......... Some of the songs that are on the B-sides record are my favorite ones, they just did not feel right for Ghostly Life..... We will be adding more songs to this B-sides album as I get them finished.... Some still need mixing and mastering and as soon as they are completed, we will actually make a B-sides CD for purchase.... Until then, you can download the ones we have posted....... Thanks for listening, Joel.

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