Raine Maida

untitled poem


I've been dreaming about the third dimension
The place where ideas turn into expression
and love into affection
a fascinating place where I would step carefully


taking notes and paying my best attention
I am planning this trip
A trip to see the bluest sky
Drink the reddest wine
experience time and space
space and time
let the sun touch my face
and let peace fill my soul
opened my suitcase but there's not much i need
A toothbrush a change of clothes
a brixton wool hat
opened my mind to fill with the serene
cosmic circles
angelic scenes
black holes turned cherry red
history reborn, innocence undead
a chance to feel love
a chance to feel
a chance that until now has been undreamed of
upon my arrival I will send you a letter
let you know if this dimension is worth the mention
the attention
this tiring ascension
and if it is
if it exists
if it really exists
then I am forever yours,

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