Raine Maida

Rat Race


One two, picking up the pace
Three four, rat is in the race
I'm on the lamb
I'm on the chase
I'm on the hunt
I got no time to waste
One clue, gotta take the bait
Bust through, all the barricades
It's got teeth
It's got fangs
It's got me in the palm of its hands
It said I want you
I said I want you

Do you know what I mean?

My eyes are hollow
My bones begging for sleep
I won't make it through tomorrow
I'm useless with these wooden wings

This love gotta break it down
Chew it up, spit it out
I don't know where it could be
I don't know how it found me
Arms wide, crucified, crucifix
Who's gonna fix it tonight?
Jesus ain't coming for me
I threw away my church key

I'll ride away
On a cloud made out of hopeless treasures
I'll smile and wave
At these golden gates

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