Raine Maida

One Second Chance


I saw Abby Hoffman's ghost in the distance
We got Saul Williams keeping up the resistance
Punk rock and blues music keep dying
We keep buying

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have taken over the mission
'Cause our politicians they don’t have a position
Who's to blame for this shallow existence?
Our existence

We try and fight, but this wall's too high
Have we lost tonight?
But one second chance could change everything

And I think I'll go write my senator a letter
But they just talk shit they ain't gonna make nothing better
Me and him, we ain't two birds of a feather
Of a feather

And I'm counting on Chomsky, McLuhan
Aldous Huxley and the intelligentsia
Cat Stevens, he got out and he ain't missin' ya
And this overpriced and candy coated life, does it fit ya?

These are bloody faces we hold in the fire
Open up the gates, and I don't ask why
It's time to sing
Have we lost this fight?

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