Raine Maida

Attention Please


Attention please
This is not a rebirth or intervention
This is a declaration
This is an invitation brought to you by a culture that has been bought and paid for
A culture that loves life, but loves death a little more
A young girl stands in front of a mirror hoping to meet herself
But hope is a mirage broadcast in brilliant colors
And this girl has been medicated since she was twelve
All she sees now is a perfect lotus pose, a perfect button nose
And her perfect body draped in perfect clothes
And I'm driving down Yonge street in my big S.U.V.
And I've got Guess, Gucci, and Starbucks
And they're chasing after me
And they shine like Elvis and they promise like priests
But this is not subliminal and this is not free
More coffee, longer work hours, and a need to get thin
Sign after sign that keep boxing me in
Words and letters, letters and rhyme, lights and colors penetrating my mind
In a desperate [move?] I reach for my radio in hope for escape
A little Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin to ease the consumption headache
But I'm surrounded by thousands of transmissions humming in key
And some obnoxious radio DJ who is yelling at me
Now I'm pop culture profiling the clever advertisements
Nothing cordial, just mantras pushing me to buy it
Do I think I'm immune?
No way, I know I'll try it
It may not be that laser eye surgery or the lapdance out by the airport
But I want that new flatscreen even though I can't afford it
And if I have to buy something can it be discretion?
Can I trade in my supposed unhappiness and this newfound aggression?
In this instant I realize how far we've come from McCluhan and Gil Scott Aron
In this instant I realize that the medium is the message
Our possessions are our obsessions
Our expressions are our suppressions
And our true feelings have become our depressions
And is it too late? Have we gone too far?
Have we bankrupted this moon, Venus, and Mars?
And why is this radio DJ still yelling at me?
And I'm turning him off, I am setting him free
'Cause fuck him beyond any cultural significance
He hasn't even played a song I like since I was twenty-three

Climb on your rockets and lay your head down
The guns will go off when you hit the speed of sound
And if you're lost along the way, sun will keep you found
So climb on your rockets and lay your guns down

This is not love, this is war
This is not less, this is more
This is not us laughing before
This is not about the two hundred dollar shoes that you stand in
This is what you stand for
This is our future turned into a puzzle
A puzzle that I will not, must not ever, ever ignore
So right here for the prize for the future generations
One that leaves our children iceburgs, clean air, and less medication
We grant these rights so we can all sleep at night
'Cause my sheets are sweaty
And my conscience heavy
And my conscience heavy

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